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Texas Winter Trout Fishing

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Texas Winter Trout Fishing


Rainbow trout in the Texas Hill Country. Well it’s not just in the Texas hill country. The state of Texas stocks rainbow trout all over the place. City ponds, rivers, lakes, and just about anywhere they can drop them. Stocking starts in late November and runs through early March. Bullfrog Pond, the Guadalupe River, Blue Hole Park Lake, and Blanco State Park are just a few of the locations for the 300,000+ rainbow trout to be released this season. So why is the trout season in the Winter? In Texas it’s the best time of the year for the non native species. They can thrive in the the cold water for a little while, in a few places where the water is cold from dam water, they can live from year to year.

Check out the state of Texas website for more information:


The Gudaulap River just south of the Canyon Lake Damm is the hot spot for Trout and fly fishing in the region. Guided trips run about $500 for two people, or there are also few public places to wade in from the side of the road. For those DIYR’s looking to paddle the river you must first make arrangements for your pull out location before anybody up river will let you launch and leave your car. For the high rollers there are many nice homes available with River Access on Air B and B.

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