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Texas Hill Country Fun

Hill Country Fireworks

Craig July 4, 2019

June Events in the Texas Hill Country

Craig June 20, 2019

Random Fun Stuff to do in the Texas Hill Country

Craig January 1, 2019

Summer of Fun 2019

Summer is here and it’s time to leave the big City of Austin and head out into the Texas Hill Country for some outdoor fun. This time of year we like to hit the water. That means taking the boat out to the many lakes, and the kayaks out to the many rivers of the Texas Hill Country. Throw in a few nights at the golf resorts, a trip to the vineyards, and catch a music fest or two and the fun in the Texas Hill Country is officially on like Kong.

Colorado River Kayaking in Bastrop

Yes the video is about one of our Canoe trips and the front clip has a picture of a go-cart on it. It’s the first Youtube video I have made in a long time, so after a few hours or working on it, I found out I couldn’t pic my featured thumbnail clip. The trip was a 5 mile paddle on the Colorado River starting in downtown Bastrop. It’s one the easiest places for a nice canoe or kayak trip leaving from Austin. There are several free put in and take out locations and the river is still a wilderness like setting.

About Us

Texas Hill Country Surf is an online e-zine covering all the fun the Texas Hill Country has to offer. Our staff of fun bloggers travels to the small towns in Central Texas attending events, music venues, and enjoying all things outdoors. Some of the spectacular attractions includes several amazing rivers, lakes, vineyards, small town antique shops, golf resorts, romantic bed and breakfasts, camping, hiking, restaurants, and a handful of museums. For those looking to for an authentic Western cowboy vacation, there is no better destination than the Texas Hill Country